One-Day Summer Workshops

The Arkansas Co-Teaching Project is excited to offer one-day workshops (6 hours) at educational cooperatives throughout Arkansas.

For Summer 2023, see below:

The Essential Elements of Co-Teaching

Co-teaching is an inclusive practice that allows students with disabilities to learn alongside their peers in an environment that supports all learners. Through the critical components of co-teaching, participants will learn how to effectively and efficiently plan, instruct, and assess all students in the co-taught classroom. Strategies will be shared to equip co-teachers with the necessary skills to be a contributing member of a successful partnership.

  • June 19 – Wilbur Mills ESC
  • June 22- Northeast ESC
  • June 23- Crowley’s Ridge ESC
  • June 28 – Dawson ESC
  • June 29 – Northwest ESC
  • June 30- Guy Fenter ESC
  • July 13 – Dawson ESC
  • July 14 – Arch Ford ESC
  • July 31 – Arkansas River ESC