Instructional Formats

The Instructional Formats are the intellectual property of Marilyn Friend and Lynne Cook.

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We want to give special thanks to Lisa Breeling, Emily Hill, Tamara Schonauer, and their students at Cooper Elementary for letting us film them!

One co-teacher is primarily responsible for teaching the content while the other co-teacher circulates throughout the room, providing additional student support as needed.   

One co-teacher is primarily responsible for teaching the content, while the other co-teacher observes student learning and collects data for a specific purpose. 

The class is divided into two groups, and each teacher is responsible for providing content to one of the groups.  The content may be presented differently for differentiation, but all students leave the group with the same learning. Teachers must be able to see each other, but students should be faced away from the other group.

The co-teachers divide the content and the students into two or more groups. Each presents content to one group and repeats it for the other groups as they rotate through each station. If appropriate, an independent station may be added.

Both co-teachers deliver the content at the same time, often using two different styles of instruction. One co-teacher might explain the content while the other co-teacher models what is being said for the students.

One co-teacher instructs the whole group while the other co-teacher instructs a small group using specialized instruction for review, remediation, extension, pre-teaching, or to help students catch up on missing work. Small group work should be for a concise period of time.