DVD Library

Arkansas educators may check out DVDs (only 2 at a time) for school viewing by faxing a Request Form. Download one by clicking the oval button below, then have a school administrator sign it.

Our fax is (501) 379-8387.

The DVD will be shipped in advance of the request date. Users must return the DVD within four days of the request date.

Arrangements with the carrier should include shipping insurance for the value of $200.

For more information and to check availability, please contact us.

1.   “Releasing the Power” (DVD) – This one hour DVD narrated by Dr. Marilyn Friend spotlights the Charlotte-Mecklenberg School District’s exemplary inclusive practices and co-teaching programs. Interviews with the district superintendent and principals provide insight into the expectations, challenges, and supports necessary to ensure all students are learning in co-taught classrooms. It comes with viewing guide and Dr. Friend’s rubric for judging fidelity of implementation.

2.   “Instructional Power!” (DVD) – This 30 minute DVD narrated by Dr. Marilyn Friend is a collection of simple yet effective strategies and ideas for increasing student engagement and participation in co-taught classrooms.  Film clips from elementary, middle and secondary co-taught classrooms illustrate how the strategies can be easily implemented. 

3.   “More Power!” (DVD) – Dr. Marilyn Friend’s new DVD builds on the six co-teaching formats in the context of seven key dimensions of effective instructional practices across K-12 co-taught classroom settings.  The DVD is designed so that each of the seven key effective instructional practices sections can be viewed individually and in any order.  A facilitator’s guide is included.

4.   “Power of 2” (DVD) – This new one hour DVD by Dr. Marilyn Friend provides more in-depth information on the Co-Teaching Model.It includes classroom clips, interview with co-teachers and a facilitator’s guide with handouts.

5. “Collaborative Teaching: The Co-Teaching Model” (DVD) – “The video allows viewers to watch teachers engaged in the various co-teaching models in action in actual classrooms. It includes footage of Richard Villa assisting educators with addressing the most common issues and concerns related to implementing collaborative teaching.”

6. “Co-Teaching: Our Classroom, Our Students” (DVD) – This DVD from the Teacher Collaboration Series “will answer these questions: How is co-teaching different from other collaboration models? Why should I consider co-teaching? What difficulties could I face and how can I overcome them? What does co-teaching look like in practice?”

The “Collaboration for Inclusion Series” is the intellectual property of Richard Villa. The “Teacher Collaboration Series” is the property of The Master Teacher.