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Co-Teaching Resources

A handy list of various recommended publications on co-te

Co-Teaching Best Practices

This slideshow presentation guides viewers through an analysis of common co-teaching scenarios to identify strategies for co-teaching teams.

Mathematics Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities or Difficulty Learning Mathematics

This report by the Center On Instruction “specifies recommendations for students with learning disabilities and for students who were experiencing difficulties in learning mathematics but were not identified as having a math learning disability. It is supported by current research findings.

Are You Co-Teaching or Just Taking Turns?

Let’s make all co-teaching classrooms strong! A successful co-teaching classroom has two active teachers who bring a unique set of teaching skills, knowledge, and talent into each daily lesson.

The Common Thread for Co-Teaching Success

Think about your vision of an ideal co-teaching experience. What is it that makes that work? What’s happening in the classroom? What is each teacher doing? What are the students doing?

Eight Tips For Making the Most of Co-Teaching

Engaging in the complex act of teaching with someone else is, well, complicated. Here are some practical tips that have helped one general education teacher succeed.

Creative Ways to Grade and Provide Feedback for Students

Teachers work very hard to give all students as much feedback as possible. Unfortunately, there are limits to how much time a teacher can spend grading papers, writing notes, and encouraging students.

Organization and Managing Details

Here are some tips from Education Week for starting off the school year with a new co-teacher.

Saying What You Mean Without Being Mean

How to give your co-teaching colleagues feedback that will both promote change and preserve your relationships.

Co-Teaching Resources for Speech-Language Pathologists

Another excellent series of articles from our cohorts at the Connecticut Special Education Resource Center.

Group Work: Using Cooperative Learning Groups Effectively

From the IRIS Center, Vanderbilt University: rationale for skills necessary for effective collaboration.

Cooperative Teaching – Special Connections, University of Kansas

Includes a description and information on five types of co-teaching: scheduling, planning, curriculum development, grading, and the opportunity to blog successes.

Collaboration Between General & Special Education Teachers

An article by ERIC, the Council for Exceptional Children.

Coordinating Reading Instruction: General Ed & Special Ed Working Together

This article details strategies for reading and literacy in co-taught classrooms.

Tips & Strategies for Co-Teaching at the Secondary Level

An article by CEC for teaching exceptional children at the secondary level.

Six Approaches to Co-Teaching

Above is a link to an article by SERC (the Special Education Resource Center), discussing different methods of sharing co-teaching responsibility in the classroom.

Misperceptions About Inclusive Schools

This link debunks some of the more common misperceptions about inclusive schools (National Institute for Urban School Improvement). Inclusion is well worth it, when effectively implemented!