Virtual Learning

The Arkansas Co-Teaching Project is doing its best to ensure that teachers and parents have the resources they need to be successful. We have compiled some information and educational resources for you below that we think may be helpful in navigating in the virtual world.

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Online Co-Teaching Using the 6 Instructional Formats

Please watch this Zoom recording with helpful tips for co-teaching online. This video is brought to you by the Arkansas Co-Teaching Project, featuring our very own Debbie Fleming and Debbie Byers. 

Podcast with Dr. Lisa Dieker: Co-Teaching in an Online Environment

“This session is filled with quick ideas to consider in your shift to online co-teaching.”

Resources from Dr. Lisa Dieker

Dr. Lisa Dieker’s Tagpacker site is brimming with useful resources for online learning.

Assistive Technology

ATiA maintains an ongoing list of free webinars in the ATiA Learning Center and resources you can use to learn relevant information and insight from your peers.

Educational Games for Kids

Practice typing skills and compete with friends

Math Games for grade Pre-K – 8th Grade

Geography games for K – 8th grade plus Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, and Pre-calculus

National Geographic for Kids – Great resource for all ages

Brain Pop – free access for everyone

Fact Sheet: Service Children with Disabilities

COVID – 19 Guidance for Special Education Services in Arkansas and the FAQ.

Disaster Guidance

This downloadable document covers timelines in special education that need to be addressed.

Knowre Math

Knowre Math is an online core supplement for grades 1-12.

Online Literacy Resources

Online read-aloud and other resources are available at Growing Book by Book.