Services Offered

The Arkansas Co-Teaching Project exists to support Arkansas schools in planning and implementing co-teaching programs. Whether you’ve never heard of co-teaching or whether you’ve been enrolling in our professional development packages for years, we are here to help you succeed. 

Please reach out to us!

Technical Assistance

Arkansas Co-Teaching Project staff are available during office hours to answer phone calls and emails on co-teaching throughout the state, even for those schools who are not yet participating in a professional development package. This consultation service is totally free of charge. 

Onsite Overviews

These individual sessions include no formal follow-up support and are designed to provide basic information about co-teaching to teachers and administrators. There are no charges for these sessions, but the number of sessions offered during the school year is limited.

The Essential Elements of Co-Teaching – The Arkansas Co-Teaching Project team provides this session in a full or half day format.  This interactive session focuses on the definition of co-teaching, its benefits, and the three critical components necessary for applying it effectively in the classroom.

Co-Teaching Implementation Planning – Available in a half or full day format, this session is designed to assist administrators and their leadership teams in implementation planning.  It is appropriate for schools starting a new co-teaching program or improving the effectiveness of an existing program.  The session includes an overview of the co-teaching model, strategies to address common implementation issues, and creating an implementation action plan. 

Professional Development Package

The Arkansas Co-Teaching Project collaborates with Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Technology in Education to offer a blended, year-long, comprehensive professional development package designed to assist schools in creating sustainable, effective co-teaching programs. 

The Boundless Learning Co-Teaching package is designed to meet the needs of schools implementing co-teaching for the first time or improving the effectiveness of an existing program. Due to the intensive support provided to schools, only a limited number of schools can be accepted.  Interested schools are advised to submit completed registration forms as soon as possible before the annual registration deadline. Please see our page on Boundless Learning for more information.

Implementation and Classroom Resources

This website is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wealth of information available on effective co-teaching. Register for professional development packages or onsite visits, or simply contact us for more learning opportunities about the co-teaching model.